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Welcome to Glam Link Staffing

We provide HR consulting, recruitment, and documentation services to companies that are ready to scale and set their business up for growth and success. Our focus is on recruitment and retention services and products as we aim to find the most suitable solutions for our clients at affordable rates.

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Glam Link Staffing

We are a sourcing and recruiting firm that helps small businesses to achieve staffing goals. Some of our clients include beauty and fashion companies, mental health professionals, hospitals, and dentists. We emphasize quality and collaboration with our business partners as we bring convenience and affordable solutions to the fore.


Meet the Owner
Ebony Dukes, PHR, MHRM

Ebony is a certified HR professional with more than 20 years experience in a variety of human resource functions to  include operations, talent acquisition, employee records and compliance, payroll, and HR information systems. Her work experience includes managing and leading HR teams in the profit, nonprofit, and government sectors. Before settling in the HR industry, she served 8 years in the Army as a Dental Assistant.



“Thanks for demonstrating great tenacity, excellence, teamwork, and technical skills. Great work!”

“Ebony rocks! She is the best HR person you could possibly have.”

“Because of Ebony’s ideas and expertise, I have landed the best position in a great organization.”

“I wasn’t aware that some things on my resume were obsolete or could have caused me to be racially profiled. Ms. Dukes helped me clean up my resume and successfully get a job with the State.”

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