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5 Reasons Your Coworkers May Give You the Side Eye on Valentine’s Day


Love is in the air! Today is the day for lovers, side chicks, and sneaky links to celebrate their love (or lust of emotions) with flowers, candy, jewelry, and whatever else they deem necessary to show their love and appreciation. Some of you unfortunately - or fortunately - are working in a traditional office setting today so grand gestures may have to wait until later. And if you and your lover work at the same employer, please save the adult activities for the bedroom or other off campus location; don't get caught in the company's bathroom, closet, or conference room trying to celebrate early.

If you do not have the luxury of working remotely or calling in sick today, it's likely that you will see countless heart-shaped balloons, red roses, and chocolate covered goodness being delivered to your coworkers; hopefully one of those deliveries has your name written all over it.

It doesn't matter if you are the receiver or the observer, however, here are some behaviors that you should keep in check so you won't receive a collective side eye from your coworkers:

1. Ungrateful for the gift(s) you received. These are difficult times for many people. Rather it’s being unemployed or underemployed, money is possibly not flowing as frequently nor abundantly as some folks would like so if someone has been thoughtful enough to send you a gift, the least you can do is be grateful for what you received.

2. Braggadocious. It’s one thing to be happy and show excitement about your gifts or are in anticipation of receiving certain gifts, but it’s a different story to boast and brag to your coworkers about your plans for the evening. If you’re going to an expensive restaurant or your boo thing will be flying you out to Maine on a private jet for rare lobsters that’s great, and we love to see it. But it’s not cool to be boastful because it can turn your coworkers all the way off.

3. Throwing shade at others’ gifts. Some people know how to act their wage and live within their financial means so there is no need to make snide remarks and giggle at gifts that your colleagues receive. Remember the rule: if you have nothing nice to say or contribute then say nothing at all.

4. Cheating on your significant other. How you spend your free time outside of work is your business, but please don’t tell your coworkers about the gifts that you received from anyone who is not your significant other. And for goodness sake please don’t bring your side dudes and sneaky links to the office when you’ve just introduced your coworkers to your significant other at the holiday office party. They don’t want to be caught up in your drama and feel uncomfortable the next time your main squeeze is at an office function. Leave that mess outside of business hours.

5. Being jealous and envious of your coworkers. Everyone isn’t so lucky to receive a gift at work on Valentine’s Day, and if you fall into this category please don’t be jealous and envious of your coworkers who do get gifts. It's OK; the world is not going to end if you didn't get a gift or you don't have a special someone to share the. Treat yourself and do what you want to do today. Celebrate and be happy for others - you’ll get your turn.

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