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Our Services

Our services are affordable solutions that make it easier for our clients to find the candidates who best meet their needs.


Recruitment Consulting

We meet with you to discuss your recruiting needs and offer suggestions and methods on how you can execute different strategies to meet your recruiting goals.

Candidate Sourcing 

This option is perfect if you’re looking for help finding candidates but you still want to be involved in the process. Once we’ve found, screened, and qualified applicants based on your requirements, we will forward resumes so you may coordinate and facilitate the interview process.

Full-cycle Recruiting 

Clients who want to focus 100% on other business functions can rest easy and leave the full recruiting cycle to us! We’ll meet initially to discuss your needs and later provide periodic updates, based on your preferred schedule, until the position is filled.

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Job Descriptions

Creating clear and precise job descriptions can assist in hiring the right employees. We partner with clients to create job descriptions that clearly define and outline the roles and responsibilities of the position as this assists with accountability for employees and improves communication and transparency as the employer.

Process Mapping 

Identify and document activities or tasks in your business process to create a visual for users. The “map” will be a detailed end-to-end process that includes the who, what, when, and where of the process. Process maps provide clarity and create consistency when performing tasks.

Policies & Procedures 

Guidelines on how to perform tasks create consistency amongst your employees and help to establish your company culture. We partner with you to create policies and procedures that clearly communicate the guiding principles that help your company run efficiently.

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